Lose Your Fear Of Speaking…

Do you want more…
Confidence, competence, and comfort when it comes to selling your business, product, service, or self…?

If so, then come to our free workout sessions.

We meet every Friday from noon until 1 at a downtown location with private parking.

Come and practice your pitch, presentation, or performance, and get feedbackA place to practice , get feedback, and improve your presentation

If you simply want to improve your elevator speech, brush-up on your interviewing skills, or simply want some practice to perfect a presentation, in a safe space, xxx

Improve performance of presentation
Improve performance of marketing
Improve performance of client care

Improve your business performance

“Elevator” Speech- development and practice

Professional Presentations/Speeches- dev and practice

Sales Pitches- dev and practice

The focus would be for members to practice different aspects of speaking, with the focus being on improvement with all aspects: Vocal projection, inflection, eye-contact, content, facial and body gestures, and so forth.

You may find it a benefit if you are needing to give a presentation and want to have objective feedback, have an upcoming interview and want to gain more confidence,



“Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect…

Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.”
Vince Lombardi