Me and “Old Barney”

Once Upon A Time…
I was born. And had the good fortune to have both parents be healing professionals- Dad was a hard-working physician who had a private practice and gave his time to the local hospital, and Mom was an RN who attained a Master’s in Social Work in later years. Both of my parent’s specialty was talk-based therapy.

(In reflection, I can see that my interest in becoming a Life Coach had its roots in childhood—I’ve always been profoundly interested in what makes people tick. I’ve also always had a sense of “rightness” in caring for others by kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental listening.)

In addition to being well-educated and quite smart, my mother was generous and loving as well. She kindly “gifted” me with four sisters, and it was drummed into me early to treat everyone with respect, regardless of gender, (or race, or religion).

The five of us (Thank you, Orthodontia!)

I’ve had varied interests throughout my life, and as an adult have always loved going back to school to learn new things.

Almost 25 years ago I became a licensed massage therapist. While I loved the work and received much positive feedback from my clients, the sheer physical demand of massage therapy limited me to taking care of just a small number of clients. I retired from that way of taking care of others a couple of years ago (though I still have my massage table for friends and family!)

I have relatively recently finished my foundational training in Co-Creative Life Coaching. It is the next chapter in my life, and I look forward to helping others attain their heart’s desire. With my education, life-long experience in caring for others, and access to newer and incredibly effective methods for creating positive change, I feel that my clients will be in good hands!

In addition to my regular work, I’ve also enjoyed volunteering. For many years I’ve tended to those receiving chemo at a cancer-treatment center, and have tutored second-graders in math and reading at a local elementary school. (What a hoot!)

Before I close, just a little bit on what else I really enjoy…

My “daughters” – Honey Bee and Lady B.

I’m a member of a local Toastmasters club. Toastmasters clubs create peer-facilitated meetings that help members become better communicators. I can’t imagine a better way for creating positive change in a group environment than becoming an active member. (I’ve been a member for several years). it’s much more than public speaking and is a lot of fun!
What also puts a smile on my face are my two rescue hounds, who keep me on my toes and fill my heart!