Warmth, Encouragement, and Kindness are the three pillars of how I support you…

How This Works…

During our initial, phone-based, meeting, the focus is on information sharing where I listen and let you share your desires, challenges, and goals.

I then reflect back to you what I’ve heard to ensure that I understand you, and to provide perspective and clarity on the issues. (Bringing new eyes and a fresh mind to a problem can speed up a breakthrough).

Next, we work together to map out a path to achieve your goals, identify any obstacles that may crop up, and custom design a system to motivate you and to track your progress.

We then uncover those situations which drain your energy, and create a game plan to build your resources and personal power to both overcome old habits and neutralize negative triggers.

With goals mapped and energizing strategies in place, you take action.

In our next meeting, we review actions taken—learning from what worked and what didn’t. If needed, we adjust the plans to work around any roadblocks that may have come up, or to fit a change in goals.
And you take the next steps…

And all along the way, you’ll have me by your side… keeping you on track, assisting you through the rough patches, and cheering you on…!

(NOTE: Though not terrifically sexy, the action plans we create together are made of SMALL, do-able steps—not huge leaps. My goal is to keep you moving forward, NOT to overwhelm you!)

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