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If You Live Alone And Don’t Have Consistent Daily Contact
       If something happened to you, how long would it be before someone found out about it? And if you have a beloved pet, what about them in the meanwhile? If this is a concern of yours, our new program can help you to feel safer and more secure.
How? By someone checking in with you every single day, without fail, in a non-intrusive way.

Our Story…
       A Toastmasters colleague of mine recently passed. He died at home, and no one knew about it for three days. He also had a dog… (Ouch!!!)

       This dark incident hit really close to home, as my sole home companions are my two adopted dogs, Honey-Bee and Lady.

       The notion that what happened to my colleague could also happen to me really bothered me. Honestly, my concern was not so much about myself, but about the welfare of my little ones. Being a problem-solver, I gave it some thought and then reached out my siblings, Becky and Rachel. Finding we had similar concerns, we brainstormed for a while, and ended up creating a solution that has been working quite well now for several months.

       As Becky and I are both Health-Care Professionals, taking care of others comes as naturally as breathing air. After seeing how well this service has been working, we thought to create a Pilot Program to explore creating a small, family-run business to be able to take care of more people who live alone.

       The Pilot Program—details below—is free, and we anticipate keeping this program open through the Summer of ’23. In exchange, the only thing we ask is for your feedback on how well the service works for you, and to share any ideas you may have for improvement.

       Our intention is to refine and perfect the service to care for more people, add desirable options, and offer it at a very affordable price.

       If the idea of someone checking every day to make sure you’re okay appeals to you, please let us know! If you join this program, you can rest easier knowing that if something happens to you, we will know about it the same day, and get someone to you. (And your pets, if you have any, won’t suffer needlessly.)

Ralph Clemments
Caregiver, Animal Lover, and Retired LMT (FL Lic# MA 21643)

Who We Are…

Ralph Clemments

Becky Clemments

Rachel Clemments

How This Service Works…

• You receive a “Daily Check-In” text message every morning.
• If you reply to the text by a certain time, all is well, and we’ll text you again the next morning.
If you don’t reply by the morning deadline:
• Another text is sent.
• If you reply, all is well, and we’ll text you again the next morning.
If you don’t reply by early afternoon:
•  We’ll  call you until we reach you, or by a deadline set by you.
If we’re unable to reach you after several attempts and by your deadline:
•  We’ll call your Contact(s) until we reach them.

OPTIONAL– If we’re unable to reach your Contact(s) after several attempts and by your deadline:
•  We’ll call the Police and request a “Welfare Check.” They’ll come out and look over your home and knock on your door(s) and window(s). We’d follow up with the police for any updates, and continue to call you and your Contact(s) until contact is made.

Additional Points
• You MUST have the capacity to receive and send text messages.
(We may offer a Call Option if there is enough interest, where we’d call you every day instead of sending you a text message.)
• You don’t have to live alone or have pets to join the program.
• You get to choose the times when you are to receive the texts, when calls would be made to you, and when your Contact(s) would be called.

There are a limited number of spaces available in this Pilot Program.
Sign up below…

Pilot Program
Sign-Up and Contact Form

The quickest way to get onboard with this program is to give us a call at
(941) 726-6888.
Or, fill in this form, and we’ll call you.
(You can also use this form if you simply want to contact us.)

You MUST have the ability to receive and send
text messages to join this program.

~ Your Personal Information is NEVER shared ~

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