Client Downloads

lease Note- The simplest approach to filling in these forms is to simply print hardcopies and fill them in by hand. You then scan the filled-in docs and send me the scans as an email attachment.

The easiest approach is fill them in electronically, with the options and steps detailed below.

I realize that figuring out new technology can be intimidating for many. If you decide to fill in the forms electronically, I suggest spending a little bit of time on it at first, be patient with the process of learning how to figure it out, then call me if you need guidance.

If using a desktop or laptop computer, the forms can be filled in using the newer versions of Adobe Reader DC. This is free software that you will need to install on your computer or Smart device, and the best version can be found below (no needless add-ons in this version)-

If using a smartphone or tablet, the Foxit PDF app will likely work best.
Visit the Apple store or the Google PlayStore for this free app.

•  Adobe Reader Download:

•  Tutorial for how to use Adobe Reader and how to correctly save your filled-in forms

Downloads that absolutely will be needed for our work together.
(All forms will open in a new Window.) Download all forms to your computer or Smart device, and please read the first document first.

•  Read This Document First!

•  Coaching Readiness Checklist

•  Goals/Actions/Accountability Worksheet

•  Intake Session Form

•  Life Satisfaction Form

•  Weekly Session Plan

Downloads for work that we MAY do together-
(I suggest checking them out when you have the time and interest.)

•  Daily Habits Form

•  Feedback for the Coach Form

•  Questions for Reflection

•  Saboteur Clarification Form

•  Structures

•  Values Worksheet