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Filling in and submitting the form below will do two things:
1) It will give both of us a starting basis for knowing where you are, right now, regarding being coached, and
2) It will give you fast access to booking a Free Intro Session

I encourage you to answer the survey honestly—there are no wrong answers, and regardless of how you respond, you will be able to schedule an Intro Session.

(Once you submit the form, you will receive an email giving you access to the Intro Session Sign-Up page).

The above being said, a true coach is open to options. If you have reasons why you don’t want to fill in the form but still want an Intro Session, I am open to an alternate approach. Please feel free to visit my Contact page, and share your thoughts with me.

A primary factor that influences how effective coaching will be is your readiness to be coached.
Coaching is not a learning strategy that will be effective for everyone at every stage of their careers.

For those who aren’t quite ready yet for the structure and commitment of coaching, but still want to move in that direction, I offer two additional services:

  • Clearing / Pre-Coaching- getting clarity and focus on what is blocking you, and designing strategies to help unblock you.
  • Deep Listening- listening without judgment or interruption, with feedback given by the coach only if requested.

Both of these additional services are processes that are used throughout the traditional coaching relationship. If they are used as a stand-alone service, their use is limited to a maximum of three months. (We can go over this during the Introductory Session.)

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