The focus would be for members to practice different aspects of speaking, with the focus being on improvement with all aspects: Vocal projection, inflection, eye-contact, content, facial and body gestures, and so forth.

You may find it a benefit if you are needing to give a presentation and want to have objective feedback, have an upcoming interview and want to gain more confidence,

  1. Incubator- for working on and getting feedback on presentation skills, which may include a speech you may have to give, or getting ready for a job interview, sales pitch, “elevator speech” and so forth. This is flexible, and suits the needs of the participants. Feedback will be given in a kind and gentle way, and can include suggestions as to use of voice, body, gesture, and general points of construction

    Can be helpful to get an objective opinion, esp from someone who is not a specialist, which can be helpful if you are presenting to a general audience. Learn where to cut out jargon, buzz words, and so forth.

    Video it and then give feedback?

The Success Incubator (Pilot Program)
Practice To Perfection Training can be done in a group format as well. In addition to being more affordable, group work can be a powerful catalyst for growth, and frequently bring about faster change than One-on-One work.

How this works: A small group of individuals meets weekly or every-other week, and everyone who wants to present will be given the opportunity to do so and receive feedback. As the facilitator, I make sure that we stay on track and on task.

The benefits come from: practicing in front of a highly supportive audience; receiving constructive feedback from me, (and other members if you so choose); and learning by watching what works (and what doesn’t) in other’s presentations and the feedback they receive.

The Incubator is a No-Negativity-Allowed and Judgement-Free Zone. Any feedback that is offered up must be on-point, non-personal, and delivered in a kind fashion.

Practice To Perfection
Whether you are going to face an audience of one—as in a Job Interview or another kind of sales pitch—or an audience of many—as in a presentation to your peers or prospects—practice is important. But…practice alone won’t make it perfect—Perfect practice makes perfect. (Practicing with bad form only reinforces bad form… it doesn’t cure it.) When it is critical that you perform at your best, consistent practice—along with coaching and feedback—will get you there.

How This Works: We work one-on-one in a professional meeting space. You practice your presentation and receive positive reinforcement—kind, constructive, and actionable feedback—and then you go again, etc…

Where and When? (for Small Groups)
If enough people express interest, I’d be happy to create a couple of small groups for practice on a particular aspect of communication to increase competence and confidence. Not only can this speed up your personal growth—as you get to witness and participate in other’s transformation as well as your own—but the cost will be a lot lower than one-on-one sessions.
* The Live location will be in Downtown Sarasota (Orange Ave and 11th St).

The Incubator For Intros


This class is for those who tend to be:










Benefits from attending:





spreading wings

shake off stagnation

make new friends

improve sense of well being, communication, …

Sense of competence

Sense of confidence

and want to push out there a bit more, for either personal or prof reasons