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“I recommend your gentle and committed coaching to anyone looking to push beyond their current abilities and to become what they have always longed to be. With gratitude, Rebecca Tasetano”

• Would you like to find the answers you need… in ways that work for you?
• Are you interested in accelerating the pace of change and personal growth?
• Would you be comfortable in being part of a small group of people who truly want you to succeed?

If so, I invite you to read further…

Traditional Masterminds offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to help you to achieve success. Members challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.

Through the mastermind process, you start by creating a goal, then design a plan to achieve it. The group supports and motivates you, with creative ideas and wise decision-making. As you implement your plan, your success stories are applauded and new problems are solved through peer brainstorming and collective creative thinking.

MasterMind groups require commitment, confidentiality, and a willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas. Members treat each other with total honesty, respect, and compassion, while acting as catalysts for growth. This is the essence and value of mastermind groups.

Each meeting has an agenda to ensure that every member gets their fair share of time as the point of focus. The Facilitator makes sure that conversations are deep, balanced, and remain on-point, and that all agenda items are covered in the time allotted.

I am starting two pilot Personal Growth MasterMinds in the new year.
The focus will be on:
1) Mastering more effective, compassionate, and healthier communication skills.
2) Learning how to turn up the dial on self-care, and turn down the dial on negativity, (especially negative self-talk!)

I want to emphasize: Groups are judgment-free zones. No negativity is allowed, and members must agree to keep confidential all that is shared in group.

Also please be aware that MasterMinds are NOT therapy. The focus is on learning and mutual support, not diagnosis and treatment.

Size of Groups: Between five and seven members, plus the facilitator.

When: Day, Time, and Frequency of when we meet is dependent upon the preferences of a majority of the joiners. Meetings will be either weekly or every-other week. Your preferences will be noted on the questionnaire.

There will be a 3-month commitment

Duration of Meetings: Between 60 and 90 minutes, dependent upon size of group.

Where: Currently meeting via Zoom.
(Not a tech person?… Not to worry! I’ve trained many on how to optimize their sound, image, and presence on Zoom. We will get you taken care of!)

Fee: None for the first three months, then $10 per meeting thereafter.

The Next Steps…
If you are fired up by the idea of this group and what it (and you!) can accomplish, I invite you to apply to join the group.

Please review the questionnaire. If you feel ready to move ahead, fill it out, and I will get back to you. I expect the process of finding the right fit for members of each group to take several weeks. I urge patience with the process, and I will give group status updates to all who apply to join.

MasterMind Questionnaire