ServicesDescriptions and Fees

The services I provide are: Deep Listening, Gentle Guidance, and Co-Active Coaching

You get to choose the service that will suit you best, based upon your needs and desires. You can let me know at the time of the session, or we can formally set up and design the work we will do together that will span several sessions (as in Co-Active Coaching).

● Deep Listening
Deep Listening is just that—listening to you without interruption, judgment, or agenda. There can be tremendous benefit by simply being carefully and compassionately listened to. Many times clients find their own answers just by talking it out. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life who will patiently hear you out, without making you feel rushed, or that there is something wrong with you, you know how powerful that gift can be.

● Gentle Guidance
Gentle Guidance puts together Deep Listening with asking questions to find out where you are stuck, and what’s keeping you there. We explore unique-to-you solutions, as well as brainstorm on healthy ways to uplift your spirit and renew your energy. If you desire more structure and accountability (and possibly faster outcomes), see my next service, Co-Active Coaching…

● Co-Active Coaching
My coaching style is to collaborate with you to clarify your goals and challenges, and then jointly design the path and steps needed to fulfill your dreams and desires. In addition, part of my job is to challenge you to do your best, and to help you keep accountable for the actions you’ve committed to take.

That being said, this is not boot camp! You always have the right and are encouraged to agree, disagree, or make a counter-offer to any coaching suggestion or direction I may propose.

NEW! Walk & Talk
A great way to make strides in shifting your energy!
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♦ Fees, Duration, and Connecting
As I am finishing up with my self-directed practicum, there is NO charge for my services at this time. (Three consecutive months of weekly or twice-monthly sessions)

1) Once I fill 1 more opening, this free option is closed.
2) No-Fee Co-Active Coaching clients have to be committed to meet consistently, via phone or ZOOM Video, for 3 consecutive months in order to join this No-Fee program. If you are not ready now to commit to putting time and energy into creating the change you desire, this will not be a good time for us to work together. (I will always welcome a call when you ARE ready!)

Once I have completed my practicum, my fee will be $35 per 1/2 hour session, $65 for 60 minutes
(I will likely have a scholarship option, for those who are in need AND are deeply and unreservedly committed to self-change.)

Sessions are typically 1/2 hour in length, and requests for longer sessions may be accommodated upon request. Depending upon your needs, sessions can be once-a-week, or once every other week.

A 3-month minimum commitment for Co-Active Coaching is traditional, as it permits you to move past the typical hurdles and roadblocks that usually occur at week 3 or 4. (The 3-week mark is generally when a client’s “Inner Saboteur” shows up and tries to falsely convince them that they cannot succeed at creating a better life.) This is when you need support the most!

Sessions are via phone or ZOOM-based Video conferencing. Between appointments, communication is usually via email, text or Voice Mail.

Ready for the next step?
If you’d like to explore the life-changing possibilities that can come from working with me, I offer a no-charge, no-obligation, Introductory Session. This session will be 30-45 minutes in length, (possibly longer if it seems we will work together), and gives us ample time to ask each other questions to determine if this is a good time for us to work together.

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