When I did in-depth research to design a diet for my dogs, I came across the sites below. After using the USDA site for my dogs’ needs, I thought to use that site and the others listed below to see where I was nutritionally. Kinda shocking, I must admit!
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USDA Food Composition Databases– This site gives you the breakdown on just about any food you can imagine. Want to know how much protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals are in your favorite or typical food choices? Now you can know.

USDA- Daily Minimum Nutrient Needs- Plug in your age, weight, gender, level of activity then hit the “Submit” button. You will find the minimum recommended requirements for vitamins, minerals, protein, carbos, fat, and more.

Glycemic Index AND Glycemic Load- Helpful info for those concerned about blood sugar. Only knowing the Glycemic Index isn’t enough to make well-informed decisions. The Glycemic Load information rounds out the picture.

Are You Getting Enough Protein?– Thought-provoking article by Harvard Health. Thoughts from a “Protein Summit” attended by 40 nutrition scientists in Washington D.C. in 2015. We may do better on more protein intake as we age, but this is not a green light to eat more red meat.

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