Welcome to my Internship Program!

Before we begin, I have two quick requests…

1) Please read this entire page before exploring the rest of the site or signing up for an Introductory Session.

2) Please Bookmark / Favorite this page now so that you can return to it easily. This page is NOT accessible through the regular navigation links.

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This page is found only by those whom I’ve personally invited, and you are part of a very small and special group indeed—caring professionals.

What you will receive-
Three months of weekly, phone-based coaching sessions at No Charge. The focus of these sessions will be to help you clarify your goals, create a manageable and customized plan for attaining those goals, and help you stay on track.

The ultimate benefit- Making powerful progress and achieving your goals.

In addition to receiving coaching, you will be asked:

  • To fill in brief feedback forms periodically during our coaching relationship.
  • To give me honest feedback throughout our time together—it’s critical for me to know what’s working for you and what isn’t.
  • To be accountable and treat our work together as seriously as if you were paying for it, including giving me at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation or change (outside of emergencies, of course!).

Interested? Please check out the rest of this site, probably starting HERE (the Who We Help” page) and seeing if what I do fits your needs.

Again, thank you for visiting!