MasterMind Questionnaire

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    Everyone has a communication style they use most frequently. Knowing which style is the closest fit to your usual approach will help me to create a balanced group of members.

    (As you read these simplified definitions, please be aware of which style pertains to you most.)

    ANALYTICAL- Precise, Exact, Logical, Systematic, Task-oriented, Organized, Self-Reliant, Purposeful, and Diplomatic
    Pace: Slow and Cautious

    DIRECT- Decisive, Competitive, Independent, Confident, Focused, Results-Oriented, Ambitious, and Driven
    Pace: Fast and Decisive

    INITIATING- Sociable, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Spontaneous, Fun-Loving, Self-Assured, Innovative, and Persuasive
    Pace: Fast

    SUPPORTIVE- Calm, Steady, Approachable, Sincere, Careful, Patient, Gentle, Modest, Private
    Pace: Slow and Patient

    Which Day(s) and Time Windows will work for you? (You may pick multiple days and windows).
    Please be aware that the actual length of the meeting will be 60 or 90 minutes, depending upon group size.

    Do you prefer to meet weekly or every-other week?

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