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Interests-hobbies-education-family-friends-careers-what i do now that relates to funneling reader-

Interests- photo, food, TV shows, movies, Myakka/nature, contemplative practices, Improv, Tmasters, spiritual development, drama games, communication, mminds,

Training /Education- photo, food, massage, coaching, spiritual dev.,


From family to choice of professions
You know how kids frequently do just the opposite of what their parents do? Well, that was true for me! I became a professional in two very different arenas: Professional Portrait Photography, and Licensed Massage Therapy. I enjoyed helping people to both look their best and feel their best.

After 20+ years of successful business, I began to move in the direction of my roots. Not therapy, per se, but guidance and support using tools learned from both therapy and life coaching. I dived deep into reading and getting training in Life Coaching, and learned—and use—many of the tools that therapists use to help their clients bring about change.

Based upon my training, education, and both my personal and professional life experiences, I provide a hybrid blend of counseling and coaching. I use both traditional and newer tried and true methods to help you to make positive changes in your life.

If you feel a resonance with the above and would like to bring about a change in your life, I invite you to give me a call and set up a free Intro session by clicking here.

On a more personal note, some of my interests…
Family and Friends
My Dogs
Cooking (I’m a Foodie, for sure!)
Improv (Drama & Theatre Games- Not Comedy)

My “daughters” – Honey Bee and Lady
Taken more than 15 years ago, this remains one of my favorite photos of the family.